Sweat by BXR


Tanya specialises in boxing conditioning and works closely with our Head of Boxing, Gary Logan, teaching the basic fundamentals of boxing. Tanya's enthusiastic and happy approach to classes and teaching makes her stand out on the gym floor. Her sessions particularly appeal to those who are just starting on the road to 'better boxing'.

A Ricky Hatton school of boxing qualified trainer with degree in physical theatre plus a Level 3 qualification in personal trainer means Tanya is a smiley, punchy all rounder who admits is addicted to endorphins and she’s a straight boxing geek who loves a boxing documentary or movie.

I have dipped in and out of so many different types of training throughout my life, and nothing has ever made me feel like boxing does. It's addictive.

My project 'Start Them Young' I go into schools and teach boxing and confidence workshops. I think that boxing and confidence go hand in hand and it is so important to get kids feeling confident in themselves, and to get the endorphins pumping around too!

Sweat By BXR


What’s your favourite / least favourite exercise?

Nothing is better than boxing, it is more than exercise. I hate burpees, I think they hate me too.

What aspect of training do you pride yourself on / bring to your classes?

I make people think strong. I keep your head in the gym and focused on your goals knowing that I fully have your back with getting there. I think good vibes are contagious and if you're around me long enough you might start believing in yourself and feeling good.

What your favourite workout song?

I try to sneak Kung fu fighting into all of my playlists, after the hiphop game face smashing the bag with everything you've got, people let go and get a few minutes to have a bit of fun with it.

What is your favourite thing about BXR?

The best thing is the people. I consider myself lucky to work with such talented coaches and good people, they inspire me to be better and I go to all of their classes. Even if I didn't work at BXR I would be a member!

Come and train with me because…

I’m in this with you, whatever it is you're training for, I've got your back...100%