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A high level of cardio ability regardless of your chosen sport is always needed to make you a better athlete. The best type of cardio for overall athletic conditioning arguably is full body & low or no impact training. This allows the body to burn calories whilst strengthening muscles without unnecessary stress or trauma to the body from impact training associated with running, gymnastics, Aerobic HIIT Training, etc.

At Sweat by BXR our Cardio room utilises the VersaClimber; this will be Europe’s first ever dedicated ‘group’ VersaClimber session – A machine that mimics the natural motion of climbing. It is a 75-degree vertical rail with pedals and handles. There are a number of variables that can be tweaked including handle height, stroke length and resistance

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Sweat By BXR

Cardio Approach

Europe’s first ever climb-focused group-training concept, utilising cutting-edge technology from VersaClimber. Three sessions will be introduced; each designed to address essential aspects of cardiovascular fitness.



This session provides an introduction to the VersaClimber & its ability to provide a total-body cardio workout. A fun-paced environment incorporating a mixture of muscle isolations & intervals with the range of movements required to provide each climber with the correct form & needed for a successful start to their climbing journey.



An extreme elevation & distance climb for those who have mastered the foundations. This session has been designed to challenge participants to a fast-paced endurance workout, challenging you both physically & mentally, it will push you to your fitness limits & will allow you to feel great personal accomplishment...how high will you be able to climb?



This session mimics training that professional athletes use to increase their anaerobic threshold and VO2 max output (baseline measurements of cardiovascular fitness). Using heart rate monitors, HIIT training methods are employed in a session that is guaranteed to deliver results & improve your cardiovascular capabilities increasing your fitness levels beyond your expectations.

Sweat By BXR


A total body cardio workout – All major muscle groups are engaged in a single natural motion with a large range of motion innate to the human body. This is an effective way to improve cardio fitness compounded with the benefit of building total body strength.

A session burns more calories per minute than any other cardio machine. On average using a VersaClimber burns 22.3 calories per minute, while cycling, treadmill & rowing classes burn between 13 and 14 calories per minute.

Zero impact, non traumatic - injury preventative. No pounding on knees and joints. The movement keep your body aligned & climbing reinforces better movement patterns.

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Sweat By BXR


A VersaClimber allows your body to work on a neuromuscular level. Therefore anyone training & or trying to improve their overall cardio, the VersaClimber allows them to effectively condition their muscles whilst improving their threshold capacity without breaking the body or causing micro-traumas. For instance you would be able to perform an hour long training session on a VersaClimber within a 'high heart rate zone' without the concern of excessively tiring or damaging your body.

Specifically targeting the posterior chain – This is a must for all those wanting to improve the muscles that run down the back of you body including; shoulders, back, glutes, hamstrings & calves. VersaClimbers are also utilised as a testing machine for increasing, monitoring & developing an athlete’s anaerobic threshold & VO2 max.

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Sweat By BXR

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