Ambassador Trainer

Sweat by BXR


Ambassador Trainer

Jamie is a Nike Master Trainer and Strength & Conditioning coach to Anthony Joshua. His fitness experience is second to none and he has worked with many top professional athletes during his career.

Sweat By BXR


Jamie takes the approach to scientifically analyse what muscles need to fire to enhance specific movements to allow athletes to excel within their chosen sport.

Primary & Secondary

Using his knowledge of sports specifics, jamie will help you engage the primary muscle movements and enhance the secondary range of supporting muscle groups to help increase the performance of the total movement.

Body Conditioning

Jamie has implemented a tried and tested method into the Strength & Conditioning room to improve total body conditioning.

Suspension Training

Jamie's training sessions provide a complete body workout by incorporating calisthenics - the use of your own body weight, as resistance, core stabilty through balance and movement, muscle isolation to develop symmetry and equal strength and weights/resistance techniques to develop strength, size and power.